Marquee Heating & Cooling

Stitches can provide marquee heating and cooling systems

Planning your party, wedding, corporate or other event involves anticipating temperature and the number of people you may expect to have in the marquee. Possibly, you will need some form of climate control equipment to help keep your guests comfortable and at ease.

Diesel Powered Ducted Marquee Heating

This diesel powered marquee heater, available in several sizes, is a powerful unit that can warm a marquee in seconds by providing a gentle flow of ducted warm air directly into the marquee. It is installed outside the marquee and supplied with a duct and diffuser to feed the Marquee. The thermostat control is placed inside the marquee. One marquee heater is capable of heating a tent up to 1,500 square feet.

Patio Heaters (for exterior only)

Gas patio heaters are a combination of great design and maximum performance with a minimum of gas consumption. Offering 12kw output producing a 6 metre heat circle. Patio Heaters are the best way to beat those unpredictable British evenings... they transform outdoor living and entertaining.

High output fan

High output fans are ideal for cooling large marquees. These fans offer variable speeds, adjustable height along with a sand filled base, with wheels and transportation handles to make moving and positioning as easy as possible.

Air conditioning unit

To create a pleasant cool atmosphere in smaller marquees, we offer mobile thermostatically controlled air conditioning units.

To discuss your marquee heating needs, please contact us

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